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Why are we here?

Why are we here?

The most profound question

The most profound question (Esther & Jerry Hicks)

Freak out and love yourself

Freak out and love yourself

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Fantuzzi: Rainbow Spirit - Universal Lover - You are my Mother you are my Father

Inspiring Quotations

Here are some quotations from a few of my favourite authors and practitioners, who have inspired me in my practice and approach to life.

"You do not have to justify your goodness because you are so completely, so wholely, already good. It's the justification for goodness that is messing up your lives. You could not be gooder!" Abraham-Hicks

"Feelings are vibrations. High and coherent vibrations feel good. Low and incoherent vibrations feel bad. It is as simple as that. In order to move towards what we desire, we need to feel good." 'Wild Love' by Gill Edwards

"Feelings are energy. Repressed feelings block our energy. We don't do our best when we're blocked." 'Co-dependent No More' by Melody Beattie

"They (Flower Remedies) cure not by attacking the disease but by flooding our bodies with beautiful vibrations of our higher nature in the presence of which disease melts as snow in the sunshine." 'Heal Thyself' by Dr Bach

The Ten Invitations by Gill Edwards

As soon as I finished writing Life Is A Gift, I travelled alone to Egypt and Jordan - visiting the pyramids and sphinx, wandering in the 'lost city' of Petra, snorkelling in the Red Sea and quad-biking into desert canyons. Day after day, I found myself in a state of profound joy, inner peace and gratitude - totally in love with life. It felt like heaven on earth.

On the day before going home, I journeyed to St Catherine's monastery in the Sinai desert, scene of the Biblical burning bush, where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments. I have long felt uneasy with the Ten Commandments, because of the negativity and judgment they carry, and their parental and imprisoning tone. Saying 'Thou shalt not...' is such bad psychology - guaranteed to throw people into shame, conflict or rebellion. (Try telling yourself 'Thou shalt not think of a white elephant' without picturing one.) Surely we could find more positive, empowering and inspiring guidelines for our lives?

After lingering in the Eastern Orthodox chapel, I sat on a golden sandstone rock just outside the monastery walls, with Mount Sinai towering above me - and began to meditate. Almost immediately, I was filled to overflowing with joy and bliss (Source energy). Intuitively I reached for a notebook and pen. Then I heard an inner voice speak: 'Two thousand years ago, Jesus came to earth with a message of unconditional love - but few were ready to hear it. Humanity is now ready to receive that message. The time for commandments set in stone is past. The time for invitations has come. As one of many wayshowers for this new era, you will now be offered Ten Invitations to humanity as an alternative to the Ten Commandments - invitations based upon a spirituality of unconditional love, which restores the divine feminine. This period marks the dawning of a new heaven and a new earth.'

For several hours afterwards, I found it almost impossible to speak. I was in such rapture that I felt like an angelic being, and half-wondered whether I must be glowing with light. People turned to smile at me, and children chased after me. As I returned home to the Lake District , that extraordinary joy remained with me, along with a thrilling sense of anticipation for what lies ahead - for me, for you and for our world. "

1. You are invited to love yourself, others and life without condition-trusting that, in an evolving Universe, everything is unfolding perfectly.

2. You are invited to do whatever makes your heart sing and your spirit dance. Only that.

3. You are invited to live fearlessly and passionately-to step into your divinity, while embracing your humanity.

4. You are invited to treat yourself and others with extraordinary respect and kindness-reaching out with love towards all beings, and seeing the Light within everyone.

5.You are invited to honour everyone else's beliefs, feelings, values and choices-knowing these add to the variety of life, and that everyone's path or guidance is unique.

6. You are invited to honour the earth, your body and all creation as sacred and divine-and to celebrate life in all its richness.

7. You are invited to choose your own mission or purpose, expressing your creative gifts, talents and vision in whatever way feels most joyful.

8. You are invited to listen to the inner voice of Love, which always sets you free-knowing that your goodness and worthiness are never in question, and that you can do no wrong.

9. You are invited to trust in a loving and abundant Universe. Ask and it is given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened.

10. You are invited to follow your dreams and desires-trusting your feelings, and using your imagination, to create your own heaven on earth.

The Ten Invitations reproduced by kind permission of Gill Edwards

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